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Call Me Q :D
Call Me Q :D

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PostSubject: Fishing/Cooking?    Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:51 pm

Hello Errbody i'm Q, Or Diiiiiiiiice ;D

Well, This is my First suggestion, And i feel like a Flamer doing this but,
I think this Great server Should have Fishing/Cooking ;D
Fishing and Cooking are both Great skill's and Somewhat fun to do.
The location of the fishing spot Would be in Normal Catherby and the Bank would be down the road, And cooking range.

Well. That's my suggestion. Don't flame me -__- . If you guy's Like the idea, Please Reply(: Thank you.

If anyone has anymore Idea's/Something to add about this Suggestion, Please tell me.
Like i said this is my first Suggestion. (:
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